leather goes with everything


I have been looking for a good leather biker jacket for ages and I finally found one this weekend!


Real leather can be quite the financial commitment, but this one is from a consignment shop so I got a bargain. I was worried it’s too big (size large) but I wanted it to be kind of oversized and I’m kind of a giant so that works in my favour.


Vancouver is still a bit chilly for bare legs and shoes with no socks but I
usually feel more excited about dressing for a season before it starts then when it actually arrives.

In winter I can’t deal with wearing tights. Come April I want to rock cut offs and hang out at the beach all day. I sweat my ass off wearing thigh highs and toques in early September.


Patience is a virtue, but no pants are pretty good too. Even in January!

Jacket: Consignment store
Dress: Oak and Fort
Shoes: Converse

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