mid week weekend


I don’t work a regular job with a regular schedule. I work as a retail manager and my days off are all over the place. I don’t mind at all, because it means I sometimes get gorgeous days like today off. 


It was kind of chilly and really foggy this morning, but totally cleared up this afternoon when I was at the park with my puppies. 


I bundled up in my pea coat, toque and scarf and spent a perfect afternoon with a tea and my boyfriend walking our dogs.


This scarf is my favourite right now. I am always cold and it keeps me nice and warm.


Though you may not have it off, I hope you are enjoying your mid-week as much as I am!

Hat: H & M

Scarf, leggings and shirt: Aritzia

Coat: LL Bean

Purse: Marc Jacobs

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