not quite spring


Right now Vancouver is trapped between winter and spring. It’s been 10 – 13 degrees almost every day but super rainy. Those temperatures with some sunshine would mean certain spring, but without it you can still catch a bit of a chill.


While this is definitely a summer time dress, paired with thigh highs, tall boots and a leather jacket, it’s warm enough for this time of year. I’ve never worn my new bag like this before, but always nice to have your hands free with a shoulder strap.


I just bought this dress yesterday. I have a lot of items in this fabric, by Wilfred Free from Aritzia. It packs well, it’s very comfortable and it can transition well from season to season. They are having a massive sale right now, but of course what I wanted was regular price! Sometimes it’s tempting to buy things I’m not 100% on or that might not fit perfectly because they are a good deal, but I’m trying (and I succeeded yesterday – this dress was all I walked out with) to stop buying things I won’t really end up wearing.

Jacket: Consignment

Dress: Aritzia

Socks: American Apparel

Boots: Browns

Bag: Alexander Wang

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