nude shoes

IMG_1228 Everything in Vancouver is already starting to bloom.

IMG_1227 My boyfriend spoke to the Rotary group at Terminal City Club this afternoon and I got to tag along so I thought I should dress up a bit. Plus we have date night tonight!

IMG_1226 I’ve worn this dress on here before, but it really is my go to for anytime I have to look dressy and don’t want to think too hard about it. Paired with my camel pea coat for warmth and these nude kitten heels which have been waiting patiently to be worn in warmer weather. My mom bought them for me the last nice weekend in October so I never got the chance to wear them. Nude shoes are one of my favourites for spring/summer.

IMG_1230 Can’t wait until it really is warm enough for bare legs and open backed shoes! Jacket: LL Bean Dress: Oak and Fort Shoes: Clark’s Bag: Alexander Wang

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