IMG_1256 Athletic clothing has long been spilling into everyday wear, particularly in a fit city like Vancouver. The main way I enjoy this trend is by wearing sneakers whenever possible. These shoes are kind of like grown up Vans, and majorly comfortable.   IMG_1258 I kept it simple up top with a striped dress (seen before here) and a plain oversized blazer. Normally a staple of my work wardrobe, the sweater got some off-duty sunshine today! Cherry blossoms are out in full force. IMG_1257-0 Dress: Zara, similar Shoes: Aldo, similar Bag: Marc Jacobs Blazer: Forever 21

6 responses to “sneakers”

  1. gorgeous!! i’m so jealous about the spring in the background 😉 very chic look! ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Thank you ladies!!! What can I say, comfy shoes are the best. The cherry blossoms are beautiful but heavy rain warnings in Van all this weekend so don’t be too jealous.

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