white denim


Sometimes the sun is shinning, spring is in the air and it is time to bust out the white jeans!


I know wearing white pants can be daunting because they are not always flattering. Or, if you’re a klutz like me you also worry about getting them dirty. However, there is definitely something bold about this look, and in fashion taking risks is part of the fun.


I’ve chosen a ripped up pair (which I got from value village for maybe $8!) because I liked how it made them even more perfect for summer. Fit is important in all denim, but it can be more noticeable with white – depending on the day and how I’m feeling I often wear long, loose tops with these pants for some coverage!

I’m on a mini vacation in Whistler right now, so it’s kind of cold, but these were from right before I left when it was lovely in Van.

Top: Aritzia
Jacket: Forever 21 (Had to laugh when I saw the girl on their website twining this outfit!)
Jeans: Value Village
Shoes: Steve Madden
Purse: Alexander Wang

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