it’s all white


You’ve already seen me rock these white, ripped up jeans here but I’ve been seeing a lot of all white looks out there for spring and wanted to wear my own today.

IMG_1333 I mentioned in the last post I often pair these pants with a longer, loose shirt as I have done here. I decided to go for plain black accessories since all white is already enough of a statement.

IMG_1334 Finally got these shoes I ordered online. Unfortunately I only now learned the lesson about online shopping from the states as duty, exchange rate and shipping made them way less of a bargain than I initially signed up for! Mistakenly ordered from amazon.COM, ugh.

If they seem familiar, it’s because I have the same pair in tan. They are so comfortable and just the right height, which unfortunately blinded me to the hidden costs of ordering online from America…hopefully you guys have avoided this peril!


Also got these sunglasses from Spy, they are huge and amazing. My boyfriend only wears this brand and I thought these matte black ones were a great alternative to my Ray Bans.

Top: Aritzia, similar

Jeans: Value Village

Shoes: Steve Madden, similar here

Bag: Marc Jacobs


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