Athleisure is a recently coined term to describe the wash of athletic clothing in every area of life. Wearing typical workout clothes for everyday pursuits may not sound ground breaking (particularly in Vancouver) but it is growing in popularity. Probably because this look is so comfortable to wear!

Top: Aritzia, Sweater: Forever 21, Pants: VS Pink, Shoes: Converse



I’ve embraced this trend pretty whole heatedly – I find myself dressing down and really enjoying it for the first time in a few years.

Top: Forever 21, similar, Jacket: Forever 21, similar, Pants: VS Pink, Shoes: VS pink, love these plain ones from Adidas 

The two looks I’ve shown above definitely bring the athleisure look to front and centre, but there are other ways to make the look more subtle! Here are a few:

1) Wear sneakers with everything! Neutral Converse, Nikes and Adidas (Stan Smiths are everywhere!) are certainly the shoe of choice, but anything athletic brings a casual vibe to your outfit.


2) Work casual athletic pants into a dressier outfit I like to wear cuffed yoga pants instead of skinny jeans, with a bootie it can still look put together.


3) Throw on a baseball hat! Finding one in faux leather ups your game on this casual trend.


4) Did I mention sneakers with EVERYTHING? Seriously, your feet will thank you.


Are you as into athlesiure looks as I am?

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