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I have been thinking about buying these shoes for what feels like forever. I love the way they work in a variety of outfits to make your look more sporty and causal. I also work out in a old, very bright pair so I know the fit and feel works for me.

I have been figuring out what to bring to Europe (leave in 2 weeks now!) and I decided to invest in some new sneakers for all the walking around we are going to be doing. I will probably end up wearing something like this outfit on the plane.

I was playing with Pepper in the park after this when this shaggy and super playful golden retriever type dog came over to us, no owner in sight! Spent the next few ball throws wondering who the dog belonged to before realizing he had no collar, and had taken himself to the park. A good chunk of the afternoon went by playing while waiting for the SPCA to come, then trying to convince the dog to get into the guy’s truck! This pup was cute and loved running around with Pepper (into the road no less, which was terrifying) but was skittish around people. I hope he found his owners. Good reminder for us – Pepper has a collar but broke his last ID tag, we got him a new one this afternoon.

Shoes: Nike, Sweater: Zara (similar), Tank: Aritzia, Leggings: Aritzia, Jean Jacket: Mintage Bag: Marc Jacobs

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