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I have been in love with the Celine Nano Luggage bag since I first laid eyes on it, however the price is a bit above my comfort zone. Especially since I am enjoying this vacation so much, it puts spending into a different context…bag or another trip? Looking for an alternative but not a replica, I set my sights on the many leather shops here in Riva Del Garda.
Being that this is a tourist town there are endless bag stores with fake designer goods mixed in with high quality and original Italian product. After two unsuccessful days I made the priorities for my search the shape (structured), colour (light neutral), size (small) and style (cross body). I decided a knock-off was not for me, but I would like a nod to the lovely designer purse I covet.
I usually have better luck when I know exactly what I want, and after deciding on those qualities I found the right bag almost immediately in neighbouring Arco. The only downside is that this bag is not real leather – which I was flexible about given the price (less than $30 Canadian) and how well made it is considering it isn’t.
On the vacation front we’ve decided to extend our stay here in Riva and cancel our trip to Venice. Being here has been like being on a beach vacation (with the best food ever instead of crappy buffets!) and we just couldn’t stand the thought of leaving already and all the extra travel time that would mean. Plus I had my first negative experience with Airbnb for our booking there (no response for a week from the host where we were supposed to stay) so cancelling it was a no brainier.
So looking forward to a few more relaxing days here and walking around with my new bag!

Shop similar at Forever 21 or larger at H&M leather by Aritzia or the real thing on Ebay (Celine doesn’t do online orders)

Dress: Oak and Fort, Shoes: Steve Madden

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  1. beautiful!! i love your hair 🙂 your sandals are amazing too ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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