I have wanted a pair of gladiator sandals since I was in high school. My mom even almost bought me a ridiculously expensive pair my first year of university but I talked us out of it because I thought I would be over them by next summer. 

You’ve heard me talk about how I have been trying to make smarter purchases and buy fewer cheap, trendy things I rarely wear in favour of higher quality pieces on heavy rotation. Though I have gotten caught up in my fair share of trends and made shopping decisions I’ve regretted, the cost and my genuine surprise when gladiator sandals continue to emerge as a spring/summer trend has prevented me from indulging in this one year after year. 

No longer! I fell in love with a few pairs from Zara this season, but was hesitant to spend over $100 on a shoe that (though as I mentioned above has been popular for years) still seems too impractical to invest that much in. While in Europe I found this pair (also at Zara) that were about $50 Canadian and real leather and I finally caved. 

While it’s fairly obvious to style them with denim cut offs and cute flowy short dresses, I wanted to show they are not just for music festivals. I plan on getting some serious wear this summer out of the long awaited sandals!  Love the back on this shirt (it’s from an awesome preloved clothing boutique in Toronto) and pairing it with a more conservative skirt balances out the exposed skin. 

Have you ever waited that long on something to stick around before commiting? Skinny jeans come to mind, and leggings which I remember a ton of resistance to and are now staples for most. Funny how fashion works! 

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar, on sale), Top: In This Closet, Shoes: Zara (similar, steal, knee high) Bag: see this post 

10 responses to “gladiators”

  1. It’s so true. I waited for quite a while before committing to leggings too! Like the way you have styled the gladiators, especially with that gorgeous midi! xo

  2. beautiful!! the sandals are ah-mazing 😀 still haven’t commited to leggings (ikr i’m probably the last on earth!!!)
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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