new classics 


An anorak, striped shirt, busted knee denim and booties have been my go to for overcast days like today the past few seasons. Nothing in this outfit was expensive, but because the look is so simple, they really don’t have to be. These are some new classics I love to wear. Have to say, the first days of June do not feel like summer here in Van. At least I have my bright nails to cheer me up…

These jeans I ripped up myself (simple slice to the knee and minimal fraying) and have liked them more ever since. As you know I’m not the biggest fan of pants so I typically save on them whenever I can. These are from H&M and were $13, but Forever 21 and most other big brands make almost identical basic skinnies for under $20. Much less nerve racking to DIY something you have and never wear or something  very inexpensive.

When I can’t find exactly what I want in stores, it doesn’t fit right , or I don’t want to pay for it, a simple DIY like this can work wonders. I must admit I have ruined a few things over the years, but usually do better now there are YouTube tutorials on everything. Have you ever taken out the scissors on your clothes?

Jacket: Urban Planet, Shirt: Forever 21 (similar), Pants: H&M (similar Forever 21), Shoes: The Bay (similar), Bag: see this post

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