chill summer vibes 

       I know spring is supposed to be  about renewal, but the big changes in my life always seem to come along in the summer. By the end of this month I will have some big changes at work, and finally end the lease on my apartment downtown. Selling my furniture, job contracts and officially changing my address are not very chill.

Trying to counter the stressful life stuff with relaxed outfit choices! This calls for a super low key side slit top in denim – the most casual of fabrics. Having a solid pair of bike shorts isn’t a big investment and will take you far under tunics, short dresses and slit tops this summer.

Birkenstocks may be debated over in the fashion world, but I’ve had these shoes since I was a teenager and every few years they seem to come back. Regardless of that, they are the comfiest sandals ever and what my feet want to slip into most often right now.

On a side note, can’t someone think of a better name for this style of shirt than “side slit top”? Alternatively, has someone done this already and I just don’t know about it?

Slit top: Forever 21 (similar non-denim and similar with collar) Shorts: Forever 21 Shoes: Birkenstock Bag: Alexander Wang 

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