white + black 

Can’t go wrong with the classics! This is what I wore to work today. The pants are slightly cropped and super thin, which is perfect for for all this summer heat. They are dressy enough to be professional but still fun with the little booties and very comfortable. 

Normally crop tops are a no-no for the workplace, but this one is long and the pants are high enough that the midriff showing danger was non-existent.

I have been looking for a lip colour that is natural looking (and unfussy to apply) for ages, and I found a great one at MAC last week. I usually don’t wear a ton of makeup, but a little bit does make me feel more polished. Just the look I’m going for at work! The colour I’m wearing is called Runaway Hit, but Kinda Sexy was a close runner up. 

Something else that makes me feel extra put together is a hair cut, and if you follow me on Instagram (@samanthayonge), you’ll know I got one last week. It just makes for a nice fresh start and newly chopped, healthy hair is so much easier to manage. 

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! 

Top: Forever 21, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Ecco Bag: Alexander Wang 

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