crop top


You guys are probably sick of me talking about how hot it is in Vancouver, but this heat wave doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. As a result, I only want to wear things that are loose or stretchy, and mostly just slide my feet into birks when I leave the house. This shirt and high waisted shorts combo is perfect for that. 

I used to wear a lot of crop tops and unapologetically show most of my stomach and/or bum cheeks to the world each summer. Heck, even in the winter for the right occasion! Even though they might make me cringe now, I don’t regret fashion choices like that because I was very, very confident while I was making them. I felt like a hot young thing at the time, but these days, I still feel great and I tend to keep a bit more covered up. Maybe getting older has something to do with it, but now I actually have more confidence when I show a little less. 

I will probably always rock hemlines on the shorter side (hey, you gotta work with what you got!), but the way I present myself has changed. The key here is only showing a sliver of skin with a crop top, and keeping things more balanced on the bottom with loose dressy shorts rather than a tight mini or cut offs. 

Anyone else find themselves feeling more comfortable showing a little less skin this summer?

Top: Forever 21 (similar), Shorts: Forever 21 (similar) Shoes: Birkenstock, Bag: (similar and splurge


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