little white dress

The best summer alternative to the little black dress is a crisp white number. If you haven’t already checked out Vancouver based blogger The August Diaries, she has a lovely blog, amazing style (both in fashion and writing) and is a big advocate of the lwd. West Coast represent! 

This one is delicate and flowy, but professional enough for me to wear to work with a blazer. Just gotta be a little more careful with a white dress than black…I am a huge klutz so my stain removal skills are on point. Seriously spilled salsa (of all things) on this the first day I wore it, thank goodness I got it out. 

I love this dress because it is put together but is so effortless to wear. All summer I’ve been wearing dresses over everything else I own because they are already a whole outfit and require zero thought. White also does stand out more than black, as people have been commenting on this look all day! 

Dress: Aritzia on sale, Shoes:  Ecco on sale, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

4 responses to “little white dress”

  1. White dresses are so pretty, (a little scared to wear them because I’m also a klutz) great outfit!

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