how to dress for travelling 

If you’ve been reading the blog you know I’ve been in Toronto for work and to see my family for the past few days. It was just a short trip but meant two 5 hour flights in less than a week. Flying can be exhausting, so it helps if you are prepared and well dressed to look and feel good! 

Everytime I fly I plan the outfits I will wear on the plane to be comfortable, functional and make sure I won’t be too hot or cold. I find it’s always boiling when you’re sitting on the runway, and freezing as soon as you’re up in the air. 

1) Bring a scarf

It’s summer right now so I just brought a light scarf which I can wrap around me like a blanket when I get cold. Also helpful if I want to take a nap! When I’m hot I can put it in my bag and when I’m cold it saves the day. I slept with this wrapped around me both flights. During fall or winter I would have a scarf and leather jacket. 

2) Wear materials that won’t wrinkle or crease too easily

I saw a few girls wearing linen pants or shorts at the airport. Huge no-no in my books! You’re 100% going to be sitting down for most of the flight so wrinkles are bound to happen in the wrong material. I prefer to wear stretchy knits, like this tank top, which I know will still good after a long trip. 

3) Wear comfortable shoes 

I wore these small heels because they are easy to walk in. My feet swell when I travel so I prefer to choose sandals or low heeled booties that I can normally wear comfortably for a whole day. The first time I ever travelled for work I wore new full height heels and I almost crippled myself doing so. Lesson learned! 

4) Wear a bralette

Nothing worse than underwire poking into you during a flight, or not being able to find a good sleeping position because your bra is uncomfortable. I wear bralettes a lot and it was an easy choice for my flights. If you need more support, some sports bras will do the trick without pinching! 

5) Low- rise boyfriend jeans are your best friend

I love skinnies and high waisted styles as much as the next girl, but the last thing I want is to be constricted by tight jeans while flying. While lots of travellers opt for leggings, I promise you can still be totally content in looser fitting and stretchy denim. I bought this ones at a chain of consignment stores called Kind Exchange in Toronto – they were only $25. I shop there every time I’m home…we need some locations in Van! 

6) No mascara!

Because falling asleep with mascara on and waking up with racoon eyes isn’t fun. I usually bring some make up essentials to freshen up before we land. 

Tank: Aritzia, Bralette: Aritzia, Scarf: Aritzia, Jeans: Cheap Monday (these are men’s/unisex so I guess that’s why they fit me like a boyfriend jean!) via Kind Exchange, Shoes: Steve Madden (similar), Bag: Alexander Wang 

8 responses to “how to dress for travelling ”

    • Thank you for checking it out! That’s a longer haul than my flight home so extra important to feel good when you travel. I want to go to Melbourne, such a long flight from Vancouver though!

  1. I am with you on all of these points, especially the scarf! The only thing is that I’ve recently started to wear socks on planes because sometimes my feet are freezing by the end of the flight!

    • Scarf is so important! I used to always bring extra socks on flights but for some reason haven’t had cold feet lately. I feel you though, always that hot/cold thing going on

  2. […] Last night, I was admiring all these slightly cropped, loose ripped jeans online and contemplating adding to my denim collection. You know I’m trying to cut down on mindless shopping, so luckily it didn’t take me long to decide I could modify something I already owned to fit my vision instead. This DIY was free, super easy and I had nothing to lose since I’ve only worn these thrifted jeans a handful of times. […]

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