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how to shop for fall

I’ve been trying to pick and choose what I buy for fall. I never want to go overboard, which is easy to do when there are so many great pieces out there amid my excitement about the changing seasons. I have to keep reminding myself I still have tons of things I’m excited to wear from last year. 

A good way I’ve found to do this is the simple 1 in, 1 out rule. Anytime I buy something I have to donate or give away something else from my closet. It helps keep me in check when I’m on the fence about something…

Regardless of my best intentions, I have still bought quite a few things recently. Most of which I can start wearing now and then transition into colder weather as it begins. This henley shirt dress is a great example of that. It’s thin enough to wear alone now, and over tights or leggings later on. It’s also available in grey, but I decided to step out of my usual comfort zone and get this dark red. Waffle fabric has always been one of my faves and I was so happy to find this cozy little dress. 

I also purchased a new pair of black ankle boots. They were definitely my most worn shoe last winter and I pretty well killed the pair I own by wearing them to work everyday for 6 months. If you haven’t tried a pair like this on yet, I highly recommend the style. They look great with just about everything and are really comfortable too. I wear them in all seasons so it was worth investing in a shiny new pair.  

You’ve already heard about how I got my hat, and I’m clearly still loving it! Has anyone else been picking things up for fall/back to school? 

Dress: Aritzia, Booties: Ecco, Hat: eBay and DIY, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 


12 responses to “how to shop for fall”

  1. Love this look! So simple but really chic and the accessories are amazing. I also love your one in one out rule, this is definitely something I should do!
    Christy x

    • Thank you Christy! The one in one out rule is slowly helping me clean out my closet. Less overwhelming than going through it all in one go I find…

  2. Yep, this outfit is stunning! I think the hat addition really takes it to the next level. Great job, I’ll keep a look out for your upcoming posts 🙂

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