must have fall accessories


Fall is a great time to up your accessories game. It is the perfect weather to throw on a hat, scarf or tights for some warmth, but not cold enough yet that you have to totally bundle up and hide your whole outfit. In Vancouver we probably get more of this than the rest of the country with our lovely temperate climate (thanks ocean!) but even so I know winter will creep in eventually. Better enjoy it as much as I can now…

1. Blanket Scarf

My favourite accessory for fall (and winter) has got to be a blanket scarf. I particularly adore this one from Aritzia because it’s made of wool and jumbo sized, perfect for wrapping around myself whenever needed. It might have a steep price tag for a scarf, but I also love that each side features a different colour so you can get more wear out of it. I have a lighter version for summer but it’s not nearly as cozy as this winter version. If you don’t feel like looking like every other girl in Vancouver (it was a very popular scarf) there are more patterns in the same shape and material.

2. Booties

I have not stopped wearing these since I got them. Getting a solid pair of black booties for fall/winter is not something you will regret. They pair with dresses, skirts, pants and I even wear mine with denim cut offs in the summer too. These ones are flat and slightly pointy in the toe, but a small heel or rounder shape are just as versatile.

3. Wide Brimmed Fedora

I’ve already talked about how much I love this hat, but it really does make lazy days or bad hair days go so much easier. Just throw on a hat and go! I love how a wide brimmed at like this can make an outfit look more “fall” instantly.

4. Burgundy Bag

I am usually a firm believer in having neutral bags/jackets/shoes/pretty much everything because I tend to shy away from colour and therefore wear it way less. However, I love this bordeaux shade and am happy to report that yes, it still does go with almost everything. I should have known, because it’s also the colour of my mannie and pedi 90% of the time!

I’ve seen a lot of blanket scarves and booties around already, so I know I’m not alone in this! Which accessories can’t you do without this season?

Shirt: Vintage (similar from H&M), Leggings: Aritzia, Scarf: Aritzia, Hat: Ebay with DIY ribbon, Shoes: Ecco

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