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how to make a seamless transition to fall

Remember this dress and when it was warm enough outside to not wear tights? Me neither.
August flew by and the warm weather has mostly gone away with it. We were spoiled all summer with heat wave after heat wave, but the past few days have been a violent reminder about how much it sucks to be underdressed for the cold. So begins my actual need to dress appropriately for the season in order to stay comfortable. No more pretending it’s fall in the summer shade, here we go with the real thing!

First things first. I will never stop wearing skirts or dresses no matter what the weather does. I definitely didn’t name my blog after my love of pants, so tights are a must have in my fall wardrobe. I usually wear opaque ones since they tend to last longer and be warmer, though any pair I can find without runs is fine by me. If it’s really cold or I’m wearing a short skirt like this I often throw on a pair of black thigh high socks overtop. That’s basically how I survived Toronto winters 101…I do not miss that part of home one bit.

For now at least, just layering a sweater over a dress is warm enough. This one happens to be merino wool and a very finely knit so it’s especially good at keeping the cold out. Gone are the days when half my wardrobe would be packed away until next summer, just throw on a sweater over that dress and go! Turtlenecks work extra well for layering since they make the collar of the dress not matter so much.

In a few weeks time I will be putting a leather jacket or pea coat over this outfit to combat the temperature as it continues to drop. Even though it breaks my heart, it’s time to say farewell to summer and bye-bye to bare legs for now.

Sweater: Aritzia, Dress: Aritzia, Shoes: Ecco, Bag: Vintage from Onceagain Resale

6 responses to “how to make a seamless transition to fall”

  1. hi samantha!
    love everything in this post!
    was wondering what size did you get the dress in and does it shrink?
    what colour are your nails?
    &lastly, do you know the name of the gorgeous bag you got?

    • Thank you Winnie! So glad you enjoyed reading it. The dress is a size small (I’m 5′ 10, so that’s why it’s a bit short) and shrank a little -don’t put it in the dryer if you get one. The nail polish is from Gelish but I don’t know the name, just the darkest red at the salon. Similar is black cherry by OPI. And sorry not sure about the bag! My leather repair guy said it was about 30 years old and I’ve never been able to find anything similar online.

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