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how to pull off business casual


Big news everybody, I will be turning 25 in a week and a half!  It’s hard to believe, but I will be officially out of my early twenties. Something came up on my newsfeed the other day about how you know you’re 25 when…and while most days I feel anything but younger than my age there were some things I had a good chuckle at and related to from the article.

Most notably was the statement that “You wear the same clothes you wear to work when you’re going out” which definitely rings true to me. I don’t necessarily see that as something that just happens as you get older though. I think it’s the smart way to work your wardrobe to your full advantage and have things you look forward to wearing all day every day.

We all need (somewhat) professional clothing to wear to work. I manage a shoe store so I may not have to be quite office ready each morning, but I do still need to look put together. I must also be able to climb ladders, carry boxes and bend down a thousand times a day in whatever I have on. Most jobs have a dress code that you are required to follow, and though the typical knee length skirt or button up may not be your first choice for days off, I always look for pieces that appeal to me all the time and not just for the 9-5.

You probably recognize this turtleneck from Aritzia and dress from Zara from earlier posts. What I always look for when sussing out “work” clothes are pieces I can also use in my wardrobe on days off. For instance, this turtleneck I wear regularly with high waist jeans or leggings, or over other NSFW dresses. The dress also looks super cute with a jean or leather jacket and sneakers for a much more casual outfit. If you work in a more formal setting than I do, subbing a midi skirt would certainly be appropriate, or a trendy pair of culottes if you dare! Also, if you’re not a giant, this dress would no doubt be more conservative.

One final touch that will always make you look more polished are a good pair of heels. This suede pair from Ecco are cut into a lovely little fitted bootie shape at the top and have just enough of a heel to make me feel dressed up but not uncomfortable.

I have to stick to all black and white for my job, but in most settings you can have a bit of fun with colour as well. For me it’s enough to just stick with my usual monochrome and let the bag steal the show! Stripes are more my speed anyways.

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