the boyfriend sweater 

Everyone has heard of the boyfriend jean – baggy and usually well worn, the are a causal and comfy staple. Paired with some heels or a button up shirt this dressed down piece can be transfromed into a sexy and classic look for any occasion. 

The same basic rules apply for the boyfriend sweater. However, unlike the jeans (which are usually not actually a garmet taken from your boyfriend, but a cleverly proportioned piece made just for you) you can just shop in the men’s section for this look. Or, as I did, you can take advantage of a male friend shrinking his lovely wool sweater and make it your own! 

The simplist way to put a loose fitting item such as this into regualr use is by pairing it with its opposites, namely tighter and shorter things. I find the baggy boyfriend sweater works best with leggings, skinnies or even a short skirt like shown here. I’ve been loving these boots lately (can you tell?) so I went with comfort for today, but putting a more feminine heel into the mix would dress it up a little. Just like with your boyfried jeans, the contrast of shapes and styles is what makes it interesting and so not at all sloppy. 

Turtlnecks have a special place in my heart and wardrobe. They always keep me so warm and layer easily over everything. This sweater is a little rough if I don’t wear a thin layer under it, but it’s thick enough to wear without a jacket most of the time. 

Sweater: Club Monaco, Skirt: Mink Pink similar from Zara, Boots: Ecco, Bag: Alexander Wang 

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