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how to wear all black without being boring 

 Wearing black from head to toe is definitely easy, and for this reason it has a reputation for being boring or safe. Most women gravitate towards black as it is universally flattering and more forgiving than any other shade.  I still think it can also be extremely eye-catching, chic and lots of fun if you do it right. There are so many different fabrics, textures and lengths to make your look interesting, and part of the charm is the uniform simplicity of the whole thing being one colour.

Black leather will instantly draw the eye, shake things up a little (or a lot if you opt for faux leather leggings like these) and instantly kill any sign of outfit boredom. A black leather jacket, boots or a belt  is always a great finishing touch for an all black ensemble.

Full leather leggings steal the show, so I went for a simple and classy tunic up top. This one is a super thick silk and was wonderfully long since it’s actually meant to be a dress. That might work out if you aren’t 5 foot 10, but I love it like this or over a skirt regardless! I have my mother to thank for the new addition to my wardrobe from my birthday last week. The silk is very matte and offers a pretty good contrast to the leggings.

I could have gone with shiny leather booties but love the softness of these suede ones as they add another layer of texture without a hint of colour. Plus I’m rocking the pebbled leather bag so there’s quite a bit of smooth leather happening already.

Where I did go a bit brighter was with my lipstick. The all black backdrop is the perfect place for a stand out bold lip so I took a trip outside of my natural make-up zone for the day. While I love a dark vampy lipstick for fall, I went with fuchsia because I was feeling it and also didn’t want to look too much like an actual vampire.

So what do you think – is this all black outfit enough fun or are you dying to inject some colour? Because my whole closet is neutrals this type of look is pretty much my uniform and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tunic: Aritzia, Leggings: Aritzia, Booties: Ecco, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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