scrunchie time 

When I started dating my boyfriend, he would tease me for having a hair elastic around my wrist at all times. I thought every girl did this but apparently it’s just me. The ridicule was all in good fun, but I did eventually started keeping spare elastics in my bag or pockets instead. The elastics were cutting off my circulation half the time anyways and I never really thought about how ugly they were just sitting there on my arm. However, once I stopped wearing them like that I could never find one when I needed it.

Because of all this, when the ladies from Ezzy Lynn showed me what they are up to, I couldn’t resist sharing.  They have created an updated version of the good old 90’s scrunchie, and it’s much more fun to wear on your wrist than a boring elastic. It doesn’t leave marks or harm your hair, actually looks cute on + off and with every purchase they support WWF animal conservation. They are a lot sleeker than the ones I remember wearing as a child and are made out of all sorts of fabrics to go with any look.

Might be the grey weather, but I haven’t been going with much variety of colour at all in my latest outfits. This one is very true to that with grey busted knee jeans, boots and scrunchie plus black up top. Maybe why I went with the grey scrunchie in the first place! I couldn’t help but wear the tunic from my last post again either.

Super excited because I’m off to Mexico in about a week and a half – maybe that trip will inspire me to show you some colour. Can’t believe it’s almost the end of October already. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar), Shirt: Aritzia, Pants: H&M + DIY holes (similar), Boots: Ecco, Scrunchie: c/o Ezzy Lynn, Bag: Alexander Wang

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