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what to wear to the airport 

I’ve done a post on what to wear when you’re travelling before, but it’s something I always think through in the days before I’m leaving on a trip. Right now I am on route to Mexico, and going to a very warm destination from a relatively cold and rainy one brings its own challenges. Do I wear summer clothes on the plane? Do I show up to 30 degree weather in a winter coat? Bring a change of clothing? (Update – this was the main choice of my fellow travellers but created chaos with bathroom lines Upon arrival…and remember you’re going into an air con filled vehicle anyways)

What I have found works best is to go with light layers and wear whatever jacket you will be bringing with you for the evenings. For me, it was a no brainer to bring my leather jacket, as I usually wear it in the summer when the temperature cools off a bit at night. It goes well with almost everything and is super easy. That being said it is so humid here that the next time I wear it may be the plane ride home, but can’t complain about good weather!

I generally fly in comfortable heels to be a bit more dressed up, but it was pouring rain in Vancouver this morning and I wanted a solid pair of sneakers to wear if we do some kind of excursion on the trip. These new leather sneakers are very lightweight and sleek, and feel awesome on. They also look pretty sharp for a casual shoe.

Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable on a flight for hours so I love wearing loose fitting pants like these. They are basically fancy joggers and have a soft elastic waistband that never pinches or hurts. They also magically never wrinkle, which is great since I hate getting off a plane looking all crumpled.

One of the best pieces I’ve ever picked up before travelling is a new white t-shirt. I tried to not buy anything before this vacation (summer just ended so I should be totally set, right??) but I made an exception for two new super thin t-shirts from Zara. They were about $15 each and nothing beats knowing I have  perfectly clean white shirt to look forward to! Plus I find that no matter how careful I am or how much bleach I use, this is an item that needs updating way more often than anything else I own.

I’ve said this before but I also I refuse to fly wearing anything other than my favourite bralettes. Hopefully I’ll be sleeping at some point during the flight and doing that in a regular bra is not great. As well, a scarf is always a good idea to use as a blanket or pillow. 

I have a few handbags that are pretty much weapons (Alexander Wang anyone?) but I prefer to fly with a lighter one since it always fills up with books, water and snacks anyways. Again, the goal here is not to bring too much so a plain black bag is also versatile.

What are your tricks for travelling?

Joggers: Zara, Top: Zara, Jacket: Consignment, similar here, Scarf: Aritzia (mine is the summer weight version but I can’t find it online now), Shoes: Ecco Intrinsic, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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