basic beaches – vacation essentials 





 Everyone has their own packing style. Some plan outfits, some bring it all and some take as little as possible and hope for the best. I’m somewhere between A and B, starting with the best intentions of planning and then end up throwing in other things the night before I leave. The few things I never leave behind for a warm weather vacation are my favourite denim shorts, a white t-shirt and the most comfortable heels I own. These basics always seem to be among my most worn items on holiday.

 I got tired of wearing high waisted cut offs that ride up and make me feel gross after eating, so this mid-waisted pair are the perfect alternative. I love them alone or with a belt if I want to dress them up a bit. 

No secret here that I love white shirts a lot. Buying a fresh white tee before a vacation is something I highly recommend as they go with everything and can always look chic tucked in. 

Going from cold Canada to anywhere super hot and humid always does a number on my feet. They swell up and every pair of shoes become instantly painful. Bringing anything remotely ill-fitting will end in disaster, so comfort is first priority. I know they are easy, but I like to move past the rubber flip flop thing and go for something more formal. That doesn’t mean it has to hurt your feet, just stick with a smaller wedge heel like these. If you’re on a typical all inclusive, keep in mind you will probably do a lot more walking than you think since most resorts are huge and sprawling! 

Shorts: similar from Forever 21, Top: Zara, Heels: Steve Madden (similar

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