home again, home again


I’m sitting in my living room in Vancouver after 8 glorious days in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The whole trip was awesome – we got a lot of sunshine, some crazy beautiful storms and most importantly so much relaxing. I read 4 books, wore barely any make-up, and ate an astronomical amount of salsa. We also got go exploring each day since our hotel was right downtown.

Most of the vacation (when I wasn’t in a bikini) I spent in simple outfits like this, and the one featured in my previous post. There is definitely something to be said for why I love fall fashion so much – in the summer heat I feel a lot less inspired! It was so hot all day and night that wearing light colours was pretty much the only option, and all I wanted to put on were loose, easy 1 or 2 piece outfits. The less fuss the better.

I wore maybe half of what I packed because the rest of it was too much trouble. This outfit (and slight variations) did me very well. A light, baggy t-shirt, tucked in and paired with this suede skirt and lace up sandals met my guidelines for an easy breezy look.

This skirt has worked out great for me in general since I bought it in August. Because it’s so light in colour it can be summer-y looking, but the suede is perfect for fall and winter too. I love the a-line shape and the mini, but not too short length.

I only brought two purses to Mexico, and that was just right. My larger all black bag was perfect for travelling, and this one was just big enough to fit everything I needed when we were out for dinner, drinks or just going for a short walk. At least I got one aspect of packing right!

Skirt: Aritzia, Shirt: Zara, Shoes: Zara (similar, lace up flats I love!), Bag: Onceagain Resale, shop their collection here

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