wardrobe staples

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if an item will be more than just a one-hit-wonder when shopping. I can think I’ve fallen in love with something and snap out of it just as quickly. Not an ideal situation to get the most for your money. I have learned this is usually when I choose clothing too outside of my comfort zone – colourful, patterned, or a bit extreme in length or size.

Likewise, the items I fall back on over and over have a lot in common. They tend to be simple, neutral, straightforward to care for, comfortable and chic. These staples are what I want to put on in the morning, and you’ve seen most of them on here a lot because they really are what I wear most often.

Like most people, I layer a lot in winter. I’ve just realized that this favourite tunic of mine works amazing under sweaters. The longer length and the mandarin collar make it fit seamlessly under a variety of sweaters, the thick silk giving some good warmth too. This black merino wool turtleneck has been on heavy rotation during any cold weather since last fall. The fine knit keeps me warm and cozy under this thinner jacket and the turtleneck works double duty as a new hair accessory.

I’ve talked a lot about these leather leggings and sneakers, so I will keep it short. Essentially, wearing these pants gives me the comfort and flexibility of leggings, but they look a whole lot more pulled together. I’ve loved them since day one, about 5 years and 2 provinces ago. Can’t say no to that, nor to these comfy kicks that can take me everywhere, including the gym.

I’m heading to Victoria tomorrow for a long-anticipated girls’ weekend. Can’t wait to get on that ferry and escape the holiday shopping madness for a few days. Packing this whole outfit…

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Jacket, Tunic, Sweater and Leggings, all by Aritizia. Shoes: Ecco, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs 


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