comfort and style


Two of the most important things while I’m getting dressed. Although I love some looks that aren’t the most wearer friendly, I don’t often opt for putting something on I don’t feel good in. That’s why you see me on here in a lot of sneakers, booties and oversized everything. The old fashion mantra about never looking good if you’re not comfortable in what your wearing strikes so true for me! I get the best photos, comments and most personal satisfaction from outfits that make me smile from the begining to the end of my day. 

Nothing is more simple and enjoyable than a big fuzzy sweater (especially a turtleneck) tucked into your favourite skinnies. For running around gloomy Vancouver these adorable suede shoes kept my feet happy and my spirits up. I’ve never seen anything like them and I have a soft spot for fringe. When the company slogan is “never uncomfortable” I know we are on the same page! 

Sweater: Club Monaco (similar – it’s a men’s one a friend shrunk accidentally), Jeans: TopShop, Bag: Vintage Chanel, from Onceagain Resale, Shoes: c/o Sanuk 

Thanks to Sanuk for partnering with me on this post! 

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