how to keep warm without losing your style

One of the main struggles fashion conscious individuals have during winter is choosing weather appropriate styles that aren’t a buzz kill for your look. Even with a milder winter on the west coast, I still fall into outfit ruts this time of year when everything needs to be worn with a jacket. Here are my tips on keeping your body temperature up without losing your cool!

1) Accessorize

I find having my hands, neck and head covered will make me feel so much better regardless of how cold it is. When I’m freezing or have some walking around to do I always reach for a hat and scarf. You know that thing about heat escaping from your head? I’ve been taking advantage of hats being back in a major way. I also always keep a simple pair of faux fur lined black gloves in my purse – this has saved me so many times.


2) Keep those toes warm

I honestly have no idea how people wear little flats or sandals in the winter. When my feet are cold I could literally be on fire and would still be freezing. I like booties, warm socks (or two pairs of regular socks) and a thick sole on my shoes to keep my feet away from the ground. Platforms aren’t just comfy – they help keep your feet warmer. Also, having waterproof footwear, or at least spraying your shoes to make them water resistant means no miserable wet toes. Better yet – thigh high boots keep your calves warm too!

3) Get a winter jacket you love

Since you will be wearing it a lot, invest in a piece you adore. I would recommend neutral and more formal, but it really depends on your style and how cold it gets where you live. If you’re somewhere like Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa, you’re going to need something much more heavy duty than us Vancourites! Something longer is always going to be a better bet to keep you cozy.

3) Layer up

Nothing keeps the heat in like being bundled up. I have a few plain long sleeve shirts I throw on all the time under my big sweaters. It really helps, especially with oversized or loose knit pieces the wind just cuts right through. I am also not above wearing leggings under dress pants, or thigh high socks with tights.

4) Pick your battles

As much as I love to wear skirts and dresses, some days I wake up, look at the forecast and think HELL NO to myself before putting on pants. Ditto if you will be walking around outside for any period of time.  If I’m driving somewhere vs. taking the bus I take that into account and pick those days to be less bundled.

 5) Know your fabrics

Wool and wool blends will keep you much warmer than cotton. They also have the added benefit of still being able to keep you warm when they are wet – which is helpful somewhere like Van where it rains all the time. Likewise, even just having a tank or long sleeve in merino wool (I got one at Costco for like $18) helps as a base layer that won’t even be seen. Merino isn’t itchy either.

Stay warm everyone!

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  1. I love all your ideas for keeping warm and I have a request. How about doing a post about how to wear different kinds of hats? You wear them so well and I always have trouble choosing them!

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