the easiest bun  


I must confess, I always struggle to execute the make-up and hair looks I love. Fashion has always come easy to me, but hair and beauty not so much! I’m very uncoordinated at styling my locks or putting on liquid eyeliner, so I mostly stick to the basics unless I have a ton of prep time. Thanks to YouTube and Sephora I’m getting better, but I’m always looking for styles that are actually as straightforward as they claim to be online.

So obviously when a super simple + elegant hair tutorial from To Vogue or Bust showed up on my feed I had to give it a go! My shoulder length hair is easy to wear down but a pain to put up, especially in a bun. Such is the hardship of layers – you can even see a few peeking out of this one! I skipped a few steps and didn’t even bother curling my hair first since I have a bit of texture naturally. It took maybe a minute longer than doing a regular pony would, which is why I will be wearing this look a lot over the holidays.

Jacket: Aritiza (scroll down to “worn well” to see a photo of me from a past post!) Sweater: Aritzia, Jeans: H&M (similar from Forever 21) Top: similar, Boots: Ecco (now on sale)



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