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looking back on 2015

What a  year it has been! January marks 1 year on pantsthatsuck, and I thought I would take this moment to look back through some of the outfits I’ve featured in that time. It’s a strange and wonderful thing to have a catalogue of pretty much everything you wore for 365 days, and to be able to see what styles or items have been consistant throughout. In that time I also like to think I have improved my photography and editing skills, certainly I have gotten lots of practise! Thank you to all the bloggers and fashionable people out there who inspire me to keep working away at this with their great looks or by checking out this site/my instagram.

This blog grew out of a desire to build something I was proud of outside the workplace, and the enjoyment I have gotten from creating it has far exceeded my expectations. There is so much more to come in 2016, and I hope you’ll join me for it.  Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy year ahead!

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