statement bag


If I said I love neutrals, it would be an understatement. My closet is full of every grey you could imagine, plus a whole lotta white + black. This past fall I also branched out a bit into camel and tan, how exciting right? But there is one thing that breaks up all the monotone looks – my burgundy vintage Chanel. 

Initally, I was looking for a black bag, but when I stumbled upon this gem I just couldn’t pass it up. I’m so glad I didn’t, because not only do I love the color, it really stands out agaisnt my less daring wardrobe. Not only does this mean it gets to steal the show, but I never have trouble findind something to wear with it. Since it’s not a classic flap, it was also a lot more affordable! 

If you already have a neutral handbag, why not go with something a little more fun next time? 

Bag: Vintage, purchased from Once Again Resale 

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