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what to wear on valentine’s day


I think Valentines was a bigger deal when I was single. Back then it was usually a night out with my other unattached friends and a few questionable choices in the name of being young, wild and free. Nowadays, it pretty much just means my boyfriend and I have an excuse to go out for an extra nice dinner. Generally we don’t even make plans for the 14th proper (too busy) or exchange gifts.

I have always found a bit of a disconnect between what I think is fabulous and the general tastes of men around me. Mostly I dress just to suit myself without regret, but come date night I do want my boyfriend to think I look good too! That means no high waisted jeans for me…I don’t like to go outside of my comfort zone and dress in theme  (red, pink, super girly) – I would rather keep it simple and pull from one of the looks above.

Regardless of your relationship status, the quest for the perfect outfit is on! If you don’t want to go with a dress or skirt, leather leggings are a fun piece to layer with a sweater or tunic this time of year. They are a fairly basic item that gets a lot of attention so I fall back on them as a good pick-me-up  when I’m not sure what to wear. Suede that is soft enough to touch and a classic jacket will complete your look. It’s fun to show off a touch of lace bralette or wear something a bit more daring like thigh high boots too!  If I had it I would wear this dress for sure! The bare shoulder is surprising and up for the occasion.

If you are in a relationship, it’s fun to wear things that mean something to you or your significant other as well. Maybe a necklace they bought for you, or a throwback to what you wore on your first date? A big romantic evening no-no for me is lipstick, both for his sake and yours so you’re not paranoid about messing it up all night!

This year I’m heading to California on v-day (though not because of it, sorry to disappoint) and can’t really beat traveling together for fun plans! Look out for some warm weather posts soon or follow along on instagram  to see how my trip is going.


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