mind the gap

As a teenager and young adult I was never afraid of showing a little skin. I worked for American Apparel from age 17 – 20, and the brand  image (plus being surrounded by pretty young things dressing likewise) certainly cemented in me a very bold attitude about what I wore.

After a few years of growing up + jobs with dress codes I have become more modest, but I try to hold onto the confidence in my choices I had back then. I still feel good about baring a bit more on occasion, and a vacation somewhere warm is the perfect time to bust out the crop tops and short skirts!

Though crop tops were an old American Apparel standby too, I still love them. The number one thing for me now is making sure my belly button is not showing – it’s better to leave something to the imagination I think. My favourite is just showing a thin strip of skin, but I don’t mind how this outfit turned out with a bit more of a gap since the skirt isn’t as high waisted.

Crop: Aritzia (on sale for half price!), Skirt: Aritzia, Shoes: Steve Madden (similar), Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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