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finding the perfect trench

The trench coat is a classic piece that’s always been a popular choice for spring. It is chic dressed up or down, goes with almost anything and can even protect you from those April showers. Here’s my advice on how to find the perfect trench at any budget:

1) Invest in classic

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…your money will take you a lot further if you stick with timeless cuts and colours, especially for outwear you won’t want to replace every year. For a trench that means a neutral (usually khaki and double breasted) version that’s about knee length without too many distracting details. Leave the “cheap and cheerful” prints, colours and styles out of it for something you’ll love for seasons to come.

2) Fit is everything

With something so tailored, you need to make sure you have the right size and proportions going on. It shouldn’t be too tight in the shoulders or waist, nor too big. Make sure you can do up all the buttons comfortably, that the shoulder seams are sitting flat and that the coat looks great (and not too baggy) undone as well.

3) Don’t be afraid of a bargain

Jackets can be really expensive, but after a few seasons of searching and almost shelling out the big bucks, I found this coat at Forever 21 for $55. It’s even fully lined, while some for $200+ are not! When I say “invest in a classic” I really mean don’t waste your money on throw away trends. You don’t necessarily need to spend more on a classic style, you might just have to look a bit longer for it! Second hand is also a great option here for the quality and price.

4) Keep warm

Most trenches are made of thin cotton or polyester so look for something that’s got a lining, preferably though the sleeves as well. If you live somewhere spring is still pretty chilly, look for a heavier lined version or make sure a sweater fits underneath. A water resistant coating will do you extra well in somewhere like Vancouver.

Bargain: My trench from Forever 21 for $55 or double breasted for $60

Water Resistant: Zara for $119

Ultra classic with removable hood: London Fog on sale for $150

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