weekend wear


Even though I usually work weekends, Sundays still call for a casual and easy outfit. Nothing wrong with a good jeans and a t-shirt combo, and I think the white pant is a bit more unexpected than traditional denim. This is probably my coziest sweater, since the wool/cashmere blend means it’s actually warm and can replace a jacket on a sunny day. It might not really be spring yet, but a light pallet like this sure can feel like it. 

If you haven’t already noticed, I honestly cannot bring myself to carry any other bag since getting this one. It fits everything and is just so easy to wear…A fancy purse also polishes up any look real fast, which comes in handy when you don’t feel like putting too much effort in. With such a basic look that’s all about comfort, sneakers were the obvious shoe choice.

On a side note, my hair is finally long enough to put into a super high pony! Oh how I missed having such a simple chic option for those no-wash days. Growing it out always seems painfully slow, but it’s nice to be able to tell I’m getting somewhere.

Pants: H&M (similar), Top: H&M (similar), Sweater: Aritzia (similar), Bag: Chloe, Shoes: Ecco

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