perfect fit 

 It’s not unusual to have trouble finding clothes right off the rack that fit exactly the way you want. Any part of you that doesn’t match up with the industry standard is going to give you a hard time when you’re shopping, and for me that is generally my height. I’m 5’10, so skirts and dresses cut to fit someone several inches shorter than me just aren’t going to cover what I need them to cover. Finding work appropriate lengths is even more tricky! 

It can certainly be frustrating, which is why when eShakti invited me to try out one of their customized pieces I was so excited. I’ve taken a few items to the tailor over the years, but never had anything custom made to fit me before. I kind of figured the one and only time I would  was going to be a wedding dress – but little did I know there was an option already out there for everyday pieces.

From inputting your height so that garment can be made to the correct length, to adjusting sleeve or neck type, you can change most designs available on the site. I went into it thinking the only adjustments would be length but it’s way more customizable than that! This dress was originally a maxi, but I thought it would be more fun with a higher hemline so I went for it just below knee length. It’s still a pretty feminine dress anyways, so I threw on a leather jacket to cut the sweetness a little. Definitely felt  very girly floating around in this all day and love that it’s the perfect fit. 

If you want to try out a custom piece yourself, enter promo code “pantsthatsuck” to save 10%! 

Dress: c/o eShakti, Leather Jacket: Consignment ($$$ or $), Shoes: Ecco

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