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how repeating an outfit makes it better



You know those days when you feel like you have nothing to wear? When I can’t figure it out I usually start my morning on the wrong foot (and running late…) but finding the “right” outfit never fails to make me feel more confident and ready to go for the day ahead.

If you always feel like you’re rummaging around and wasting time getting dressed, maybe you have too many clothes. Yes! I said it, and I am as guilty as anyone who loves fashion of shopping more frequently than I need to. Being a style blogger there is a pressure for new content and that sometimes means new clothes too. It is what it is, but when I’m in a rut I often reach for the same few pieces that never fail me. It’s just easier to go with something familiar, like this sweater and leather jacket which sometimes even make multiple appearances in a single work week. You’ll see the top half of this outfit here from last year and the sweater here, and here in the past two months alone. And that’s just what made it onto the blog…

When in doubt, think back to a day when you felt truly amazing and just wear some or all of that outfit again. I bet it will feel just as good the second time around, and the third, forth or fifth if you’re up for it. You don’t need a closet full of new clothes to be stylish, just a good memory of what worked in the past and a willingness to revisit it. Believe it or not, no one is judging you for having an amazing look you want to wear over and over again. You’re actually forming your own personal style as you repeat so as long as it’s clean, never feel bad about it.

Working with all new stuff can actually be more stressful when you’re getting ready then being able to grab pieces you’re familiar with. They are called “favorites” for a reason! I’ve long ago accepted that there will always be new trends to try and clothes I want to buy, but items like this sweater will win out in the end because they never let me down. The more items you have like this and less you buy never-worn ones, the better off you are.

Sweater: Similar from Zara, lighter weight, black, striped, Leather Jacket: Similar $$$ from Aritzia, $$ and $ (faux leather) from Zara, Culottes: Similar from Zara, Shoes: Ecco


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