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mixing metals 

For as long as I can remember I’ve been very particular about metal, always wanting to match the hardware on my purse to any jewellery, sunglasses or other details. It was one of those annoying pet peeves of mine, and because of it I ended up with a habit of only buying silver or looking for items with no metal at all. But then I fell in love with this bag, realized I was limiting myself for no good reason and I decided to make a change.

Since you guys know how I feel about fashion rules, I’ve been rethinking my attention to detail on this one and just having some fun with it. If you haven’t already done so, below are some easy ways to break into being a metal mixer yourself. This is new to me but maybe you’ve been at it all along…I would love to hear what you think in the comments!

1. Pick your backdrop carefully

This silky bamboo jersey LBD from LNBF is the perfect base to make your jewellery and accessories stand out.Plus it has pockets! A simple backdrop is always my go-to for trying out anything I’m a little unsure of.

2. Rose-tinted glasses

Wearing one piece in rose gold can tie everything together, or on it’s own can be worn with any other metal. After all, rose is a mix of white and yellow gold so it makes sense it would compliment either.

3. Remember, mixing metals is a classic

Look no further than the Cartier Trinity ring (created in 1924) to see how long mixed metals have been in fashion.

4. Find one piece that does the work for you

So we can’t all afford the Trinity ring…but finding a less luxe piece that has various metal tones means you don’t even have to think – just put it on and go. If you do go with inexpensive fashion jewellery, covering it with a coat of  clear nail polish will stop it from discoloring.

Dress: c/o LNBF, Shoes: Ecco, Bag: Chloe, Rings: Blue Ruby, Necklace: Vintage (similar from Forever 21)

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