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packing for mexico

This month just sped by and suddenly it’s like woah – I’m leaving for Mexico next week  and it’s already time to pack! If you’ve been following along you know this is something I have been trying to improve upon with each adventure. I did pretty good on my trip to California earlier this year, but last time I went to Mexico I definitely brought too much. Here is what’s in my suitcase & why:

I always try to bring suits that can mix and match with each other so you have even more options. My fave is this green one from Inti Beachwear – you’ll be seeing a lot more of it very soon! Pssst use code INTISAM for 15% off until June 10th. 

My go to shorts are comfy and each work with the majority of tops I’m brining.

I can already tell you I’ll be wearing the slides the most, with the wedges for when I want to dress up and runners if we do any activities or go for a long walk. Athletic slides are just as easy as flip flops but pack way more of a fashion punch.


Dresses are easy to throw on and a whole outfit in one so I always bring several. I’ve picked causal ones for daytime and to wear as cover-ups, plus something fancy for a night out.

I have this thing about buying a couple of new white t-shirts before a trip, since it’s a really inexpensive wardrobe update. For the basics I always go with a bargain (H&M, Dynamite, Forever 21, Zara) as it’s something I wind up replacing every season. Tees are great to throw on when you’ve had too much sun too.

No matter how much sunscreen I apply I will get burnt without a hat. I just bought this packable fedora, which I’ll probably wear every day of the trip.

I don’t wear too many accessories, but it’s fun to have a couple of things to play with. Sunglasses are always a must, and I bring a back up in case a pair is lost or breaks.

You’re gonna need something to carry your book, sunscreen and sunglasses in when you head to the pool/beach. Helps if it’s a low value tote (not a purse) so you can leave it unattended to save your spot without worrying.

I try to only bring one or two bags on any vacation. I find a cross body is the best for travelling and this one goes with everything.

Make sure you have the right bras to go with every dress/top you’ve brought, and lots of nude underwear if any of your bottoms are lighter coloured.

This stuff works wonders to keep your kicks fresh when you’re not wearing socks. Who can be bothered with socks on vacation?

I don’t usually bring shampoo, conditioner or body lotion if we’re staying at a hotel, but find sunscreen is either expensive or hard to find on vacation. This trip we don’t have to pay extra to check bags so it’s more convenient to bring our own without fretting over carry on restrictions. Regardless, to save space I travel size my own products when possible with a set of small plastic containers from the dollar store.

Nothing worse than getting your hair covered in sunscreen…these are great because they don’t leave bumps in your hair like a regular elastic does.

Using a surf spray is the easy way to get messy waves without much effort. It’s a cult classic for a reason.

If you’ve ever been to an all-inclusive then you already know this! If not, bringing your own mug means you will avoid wasting a million plastic cups during your stay and guarantees you adult sized beverages.


The photo above is what I wore on the plane our last trip – it’s pretty much gonna be a repeat this time but without the leather motto. A lighter jacket and my summer-weight blanket scarf will keep me warm enough on the flight, or if it ever cools down at night. Sneakers are the bulkiest shoe I’m taking, so those go on my feet for the journey.

This time round I’m pretty confident I’ll actually wear everything I’m bringing, and I love feeling like I won’t be dragging around anything unnecessary on my trip. I’ll let you know how it all goes soon enough…can’t wait to share some posts from sunny Mexico!


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