april showers 


After all that beautiful sunshine, we are back to a typical Vancouver spring. The much cooler temperatures and looming rain clouds are a rough reminder that the summer preview we’d been having was all too temporary. On the bright side, this reality check is making me even more excited for my trip down south next week. I was beginning to question myself when it was 20+ degrees here…

Although things have cooled considerably, I continue to see a lot of uncomfortable looking people walking the streets in flip flops, shorts and t-shirts. A simple fix for a sudden change in the weather is to up your accessory game. Nothing will stylishly save you (and your hair) from a rainy day like a wide brimmed fedora. Just add a classic trench, and swap the sandals for boots until the bad weather blows over.

Trench: Forever 21 (similar water repellent from Zara), Hat: Joe Fresh (similar from Forever 21), Jeans: Levis, Shirt: Aritzia, Boots: Ecco (similar), Belt: Zara (similar from Forever 21)



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