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how to wear a neck scarf


This season the silk neck scarf has been popping up all over the blogsphere and probably clogging up a fair bit of your instagram feed. It’s an easy and versatile trend, which can elevate even the most simple looks without much effort. But as with most fashion trends, it may leave you wondering if it’s right for you, or if it will just make you look like a flight attendant. As it has fast become one of my favourite ways to jazz up a look, I thought I would share with you my tips on how to make the neckerchief your new go-to accessory.

Start with the right scarf

I recommend hitting up your local thrift store for this one, as I found a huge selection of high quality silk scarves for under $5 at mine. Ideally you want something square and not too big (about the size of mac book if it was fully open) because then it’s not too bulky. Mine is actually larger than I was looking for…I either wrap twice around my neck before I knot it or just fold it into a square first.

Go for classic

If you’re reading this, then wearing a neck scarf in public is probably enough outside of your comfort zone. No need to overcomplicate it by picking something neon or obviously synthetic. Having a bold pattern is fine because once it’s folded up you won’t see much of it anyways. I picked mine because it had a variety of colours that go with spring wardrobe staples – from a khaki trench to light denim.

Rock and Roll

Once you have the perfect scarf, lay it down flat and fold it in half. Starting with the point, fold over a piece as wide as you want the scarf to be on your neck. From there you just roll it up!

  Don’t sweat it

This is hands down my boyfriend’s most hated fashion trend, and he lovingly teases me about it whenever I put one on. If your roommate/lover/bestie/random isn’t stoked on the neckerchief, don’t let it get you down. I’m a big believer that most of someone’s ability to “pull something off” comes from the conviction in which they wear it. So know you look great, and other people will see the light! Outside of designer handbags, this look has probably netted me the most compliments, so just go for it.


I’ve see a lot of girls tie a bandana in this style, and I love how that looks too. You may already have one, since the print has been super trendy the past couple of years and it’s a little more casual than with a silk scarf.

Off centre 

Tie your knot off to the side and don’t worry about it being too perfect.  I find I adjust mine quite a lot to find a fit that’s not too tight or loose.

 Pair with (almost) anything

I love how this look can dress up a v-neck tee and jeans combo, or be worn with something more fancy like I did above. Anything strapless or off the shoulder looks amazing with a neckerchief too.

I’d love to hear what you think of the trend and if you’re hopping on board in the comments!

Shirt: Free People, Skirt: Forever 21 (similar), Shoes: Clark’s, similar here, Scarf: similar from Aritzia, Sunglasses: Ray Ban




6 responses to “how to wear a neck scarf”

  1. this is such a pretty look! i absolutely love the top ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. You make this look so good lol. Would love to see more pics of styling this. Hope you show some on Instagram.

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