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 There is something magic about pumps that even these low block heels can still make me feel wonderfully feminine. Maybe it’s just the classic shape (or the fact that I’ve stepped away from it in favour of booties, sneakers and wedges the past few years) but I am officially back on board with this staple to add some simple sophistication to my summer wardrobe.

I’m glad they’re here, but these shoes came home with me last week when I was having a bit of a moment. I must admit I have been particularly frazzled this past month, and unfortunately extra stress tends to cloud my voice of reason while shopping. Summer always seems to be a big time for changes in my world, and for better or worse, this year is looking like no exception.

Knowing I am much more likely to make a purchase I regret when I’m worrying about something, I check return policies extra carefully and won’t take the tags off until I’m sure. If a store doesn’t do refunds I’m less likely to shop there in general, but especially in a more impulsive mind-set. Rare as it may be that I actually return something, it’s a good option and not having it is too much of a reality check.

As for online shopping, I tend to click around, gleefuly fill that shopping cart and then never get all the way through checkout. There is something about shipping fees, exchange rates and taxes calculated right where you can see them that ruins the fun and makes me feel much less tempted.

Regardless of my coping strategies, you guys will be seeing some additions to the wardrobe (including this beautiful denim shirt) over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed life will settle down a bit during that time as well! 

Shirt: Aritzia, Skirt: Aritzia, Shoes: Ecco, Bag: Chloe

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