some kind of summer 

The calendar is telling me it’s summer, but I’m having a hard time believing it with the excess of crummy weather we’ve been having. When the sun finally came out, luckily I was right by the water and able to enjoy it. Vancouver really is a beautiful city and I try to take a moment and appreciate this wonderful place every chance I get. Maybe it’s because I grew up in Toronto’s concrete jungle, but I’m still amazed by the scenery on the daily.

The ocean sure is gorgeous, but it means that even in the height of summer heat (hopefully what we will be experiencing soon!) Vancouver evenings are always a bit chilly. I end up wearing my leather jacket pretty much year round, and it has become a true wardrobe staple as a result. Hardly anything is as easy to throw and “makes” an outfit with such little effort, so I’ll keep taking advantage of any opportunity I get to wear it.

If you haven’t found the perfect one yet, keep searching in thrift and consignment stores, even you favorite high street shops – summer is the right time to find a bargain on heavier pieces.

Jacket: $$$ Aritzia, $$ Zara, Dress: Aritzia (similar), Bag: Alexander Wang, Shoes: Adidas

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