6 reasons to shop consignment

I just did a little closet clear-out, so yesterday I donated a bunch of clothes and took the cream of the crop to Front and Company to consign. Being that we are halfway through summer (and they are still accepting seasonal pieces until the end of the month), I thought it was a good time to be brutal and purge anything I haven’t yet worn from my warm weather wardrobe.

Besides being a great place to offload things that have been sitting in the back of your closet, consignment stores are also one of my favourite places to shop. For all the amazing pieces I’ve bought from them, I really haven’t talked about it much on the blog. So if you were looking for an excuse to shop this weekend, check out my top 6 reasons to discover your local consignment store below!

Unique, affordable + guaranteed 

Buying consignment you get the best of both worlds because the piece is (generally) not currently selling in stores, plus it’s majorly discounted from the original price. Sometimes you can just get an outright deal – the sweater above was still selling at Aritzia when I found it for 1/3 of the price at a consignment shop.

If it’s something designer you’re after, buying from a reputable consignment store means a guarantee of authenticity.  It is much safer for a large purchase compared to buying off craigslist, instagram or eBay, and since the store will have a relationship with the seller and a trained team on staff, it’s also less likely you’ll wind up with a fake.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and give back 

Shopping second hand is a much better option for the environment than buying new. Consignment stores give people incentive to let their clothes have a second lease on life, and motivate me to treat my clothing better.

I have also yet to encounter a consignment store that doesn’t donate their unsold clothes to a worthy cause or blow them out for charity.

Keep $$$ right where you live

Everyone wants to shop in their neighbourhood and support local retailers but consignment goes even further. Since a percentage of the retail price (around 40%) you pay is going right into the pocket of the original owner, you are literally paying it back to another fashion-loving girl or guy with each purchase!

Give and take 

Speaking of which, I love selling to consignment stores as much as I love shopping at them. Check with your local shop to see what their policy regarding consigning is, but going to Front and Company was such a breeze since you don’t even need an appointment. Some places have a minim you need to meet to come on as a consigner with them, and others will buy up-front for a lower percentage of the retail price. The next time you clear out your closet consider this option to get a little cash back!

Always something new

Because consignment stores are always buying new products and pull unsold ones off the floor (or just discount them depending on the store) after a certain time, you will find new stock every time you visit. Unlike stores that typically have seasonal collections, you won’t find the same thing twice…and once it’s gone it’s gone.


The one downside…

The only thing I dislike is that I often have trouble finding something similar to link to on the blog for you guys! Usually I have to pick something that costs way more than what I paid too, which I hate doing. Just another reason to visit your local consignment store on the regular to get in on the bargains.

Here’s where you’ll find me (and occasionally some of my stuff!):

Front and Company – This place is perfectly curated with lots of Aritzia and great brands to be found. I pretty much want everything I touch…it’s a very dangerous place. Higher end designers too, and some new product. My favourite place to consign because it’s so easy!

Turnabout- Several locations to chose from and so much selection! They have everything from designer labels to H&M, and so many shoes at the Granville Store. If you want to consign here you need to make an appointment and meet their minimum, so it’s a better place to consign if you have high ticket items.

Happy 3 – Randomly stumbled upon this place not realizing it was a consignment store and have had some great finds here, including the sweater I’m wearing above and my trusty leather jacket. Kind of a mixed bag but a lucky one for me!

Once Again Resale – High end designer pieces, especially handbags can be found here. This is where I got the vintage Chanel above! Love that they have an online store (how I found them originally) so you can scout out the selection and then go take a look in person.

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