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how to make the perfect denim cut offs

I’ve never understood how cut offs can be over $100…luckily all you need to make them yourself for less is an old pair of jeans and some sharp scissors.

I’d recommend Value Village for a good selection of affordable second hand denim. Go with something a little bit roomy in the hip and leg area for the best results.

Try them on and make a mark about an inch (more if you want them cuffed) past the length you want. Remember, you can always take more off! The most flattering look is a slightly angled hem that’s shorter on the outside and longer on the inseam. Use chalk or pencil to mark your line before you start, and try them on/make adjustments as you go.

Now just wash + dry to get the hems looking frayed, and you’ll have a perfectly lived in looking pair of cut offs to wear for the rest of the summer. If you decide to cuff your new shorts, use an iron to press the fold into place permanently.

Top: Dynamite, Boots: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Chloe

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