Life Update

You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat absent from the blog. I’ve been working a ton and lately exploring another medium that’s really exciting to me right now. 
Before I get into more details, I’ve been obsessing over YouTube tutorials and decided to make my own.  I’m heading to Costa Rica for 10 days next week, and rather than blog about it, I made a video. I’d love it if you checked out my tips on packing with only a carry on.

While it’s probably clear to anyone following along that I haven’t posted here for awhile, (and I so appreciate you checking up to see if there’s anything new) I hope you’ll be happy for me when you find out why.

I’ve been writing this blog since January of 2014, and my ultimate dream that whole time was to turn blogging into a career. I thought that could only happen one way – if pantsthatsuck could become extremely popular and eventually start making good money through sponsors or advertisements.

 Turns out there’s another way! It might not be as glamorous, but it suits me perfectly. Earlier in the summer when I was looking for a change, I was able to use my blog + social media profiles as a resume to get a job writing and managing social content. I’m also taking courses on the side since there’s a lot to learn on my new career path. 

Since August I’ve been working as a Social Media Coordinator and blogging for work. Being responsible for 5-6 posts/week plus schoolwork means writing is among the last thing I want to do when I have downtime. In some ways it’s a bummer that I haven’t been as active here, but I’m more than happy to be in a line of work I couldn’t have even imagined a few years ago. 

So you see, I’m not exactly sure what the future of this site will bring. I would like to make more YouTube videos, and write posts when I feel inspired to do so. I have continued to post on social media regularly even when I wasn’t blogging, so please follow along on Instagram or Twitter if you are so inclined. I’ll keep you in the loop on there and be back as soon as I can! 


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