killing time 

Do you guys wear watches? When I was growing up (back in the day before everyone had a cellphone, I’m old I know) people wore watches for practical reasons. Nowadays things are a little different, but I’ve seen a huge resurgence in watches lately all in the name of fashion.

Though I love jewelry, I don’t wear too much of it because it bugs me. What I do have is super delicate because I can’t deal with the heaviness of something more chunky. The problem is I love the look of huge watches, but  wearing them is a bit of a different story.

When I put on this wood watch from JORD, I couldn’t believe how light it was! Huge points for me being able to wear it all day without even noticing. It was such a welcome addition on this trip to Costa Rica and I’ve been wearing it non-stop. Without a data plan I’m back to the good old days! This place is paradise – stay tuned for more posts or follow along on Instagram. 

If you’re interested in picking up your own, enter this giveaway to win $20 or $75 off your purchase. You have until November 13th st midnight to enter!

This post was created in collaboration with JORD but all opinions are my own.

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