Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Brrrr it’s cold out there! I’ve been freezing my butt off through this unusual cold snap. Sartorially, there is nothing harder than looking put together when it’s snowing. The past few weeks I have been rocking my oh-so-stylish massive men’s down jacket on the daily and definitely not looking my best.

Hopefully things have taken a turn for the better weather wise, because today the sun was shinning! I took full advantage, ditched the big coat and put on a real outfit. Layering is pretty much the only way to stay warm with style, so I put on all my winter essentials:

Over the Knee Boots. I got these thigh high boots for Christmas, and have seriously been wearing them non-stop since. I love them because they take simple looks to the next level, while looking great with bare legs, tights, leggings and skinny jeans. The biggest factor in winter is that they keep your legs super warm.

Knit Turtleneck. I pretty much wear turtlenecks all winter long. This one is especially great because it’s long (even cozier) but fitted enough that it’s not bulky under jackets. As much as I love oversized knits, they don’t play well with others if you try to put them under something.

Silk Slip Dress. Over the summer, I did a series of posts on different ways to wear a slip dress. This winter I have found them to be even more versatile. Layering with a dress rather than just wearing a skirt is way warmer, and I find the silk makes it a good base layer.

Tights. Don’t forget to stock up on basic black tights! As much as they infuriate me (runs, stupid constricting waistbands etc.) tights are a necessary evil over the colder months.

Leather Jacket. Okay so this is a year-round staple in my closet. It’s not my everyday jacket choice in the winter, but on a sunny day like today it’s great with a thick sweater. Layer to make it work!

Sunglasses. You need to be hopeful right?

Even though I’m over winter already, those are my top picks for this time of year. What are your winter essentials?

7 responses to “Winter Wardrobe Essentials”

  1. Love the layers! Chunky sweaters are definitely a staple for me as well. And I totally feel you, I’ve given up on style until the two feet of snow where I live melts!


    • Thanks for checking out my blog Grace! Chunky sweaters are pretty much what get me through the winter. And what get me excited about it when I have to bundle up. But sometimes you just gotta be practical!

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